Pairing the GWN7630 with other GWN76XX units


Since the GWN7630 is loaded with newer 1.0.9.X firmware than the 1.0.8.X firmware on the GWN7600 & GWN7610 units, can the GWN7610 & GWN7600 units be paired as MASTER and SLAVES?

At least at this point in time for testing?


Yes, for most of the usage.
Since GWN7630 still in Beta phase, I can’t guarantee everything will work. But my understanding is that the features on the 1.0.8.X is also supported on 1.0.9.X. But new features on 1.0.9.X would not work with 1.0.8.X. That is, if you have 1.0.9.X master, you can’t provisioning settings of 1.0.9.X features to 1.0.8.X slaves, and if you have 1.0.8.X master, there is no way to configure 1.0.9.X new features.
Basically, most features should be fine. Just two known issues need to be noted: GWN7630’s MESH and Client Bridge doesn’t work with other GWN APs yet. They will be fixed in official launch.


Thank you. I will set it up as a slave and test


BTW, GWN cloud also support GWN7630 now.