Ovh-3cx-grandstream gxp2160


hello I am coming to you because I have a problem I would like to connect my gxp 2160 to my ovh account which is registered on a pbx 3cx account.

I cannot associate my phone with 3cx in the 3cx interface I have my phone to register but I cannot set up the extension of my sip account to my phone so if it is possible to have a tutorial I am a taker

thank you in advance.


bonjour je viens vers vous car j’ai un probleme je voudrais connecter mon gxp 2160 a mon compte ovh qui est enregistre sur un compte pbx 3cx.

Je ne peux pas associer mon téléphone à 3cx dans l’interface 3cx J’ai mon téléphone à enregistrer mais je ne peux pas configurer l’extension de mon compte sip sur mon téléphone donc s’il est possible d’avoir un tutoriel je suis preneur

Merci d’avance.



That is a 3CX issue related to hosting. 3CX has articles on how to provision using hosted systems. Please check there as you may also need to do some firewall work.


thank you for the quick response I do not really see what to do I have already seen this tutorial but it does not work sorry I will wait thank you very much Kevin


I also want to clarify that the installation of 3cx is installed on a raspberry pi Kevin


So. where does OVH come in?


ovh is sip account my sip trunk allows me to have a 09 number I am French and I live in France and I have a gxp2160 phone while without my raspberry with 3cx install the phone works well on my OVH trunk account I cannot configure my 3cx installation with my gxp2160 phone, however, the sip ovh trunk account is registered on my 3cx installation server I cannot validate the 3cx extensions on my gxp2160 phone here is my problem. where my question on the forum thanks in advance Kevin


Do you have the ports for 3CX forwarded in the router to the Pi?
Ports 5060 UDP
9000-10999 UDP
5000-5001 or 80 & 443 TCP
5090 UDP&TCP


ok thank you i will test it i will come back to you to tell you thank you kevin


I will come back to you for more information on the udp and tcp ports etc … I have to configure them on my internet box my router knowing that my raspberry pi is connected to my internet box and the phone too but on two different rj45 sockets thank you in advance Kevin


hello here is what I have on the other hand I cannot put the ports which you indicated to me above its does not work thanks in advance Kevin


Hello again, I will come back to you so I have correctly configured the telephone I can receive calls on my grandstream gxp2160 I have the small logo of my line which is green on my telephone.

on the other hand I have a new problem is that I do receive calls from my mobile phone on my gxp 2160 but on the other hand I cannot call from the gxp2160 for the small logo is green and when I try to call my cell phone via the gxp2160 it marks me 404 not found thank you in advance for your answer Kevin