Outgoing CID clarification


I need clarification on outgoing CID?

On the VoIP Trunk page, I’m attempting to set the CID presented to outsiders who receive calls from the Grandstream. Currently the calls are presented using the info from the SIP trunk Username field. We need to present the company name rather then the twilio account name and I can’t find how to do this on the UCM6510

The only solution I can currently come up with is to change the twilio user name. I would prefer to set the CID on the Grandstream without having to change our twilio account user name.

PBX: UCM 6510 running version
SIP Provider: Twilio


If in the US, there is CID and CNam, which is the CallerID and CallerName respectively.

You may want to check what is being received by several different devices to include traditional PSTN phones.

Many services have a database that is “dipped” into and a CName that is associated to the CID is delivered to the callee, regardless of what you may have set in the Grandstream. The delivery of Cname is usually a subscription based service, although many bury the function into a bundle of calling features, and it is the delivering carrier that does the “dip” and delivers the name to the callee.