Outgoing calls order


I have a 6204 with 4 fxo lines connected 1-2-3-4 .
I have crate a trunk with all lines in (1-2-3-4) and i want outgoing calls to to rotate through each line.
I have try the option DAHDI Out Line Selection --> Poll but seems not working.
Any ideas?


I usually create 4 lines with every single line and insert every line in a path, and use the next one by inserting it in “failover”.
This way you can also test every single line.


Why you need control ?
By default UCM use first free, if you need control separate lines.


if you are referring to me, it is necessary to differentiate in order to allow the installer to be able to specifically engage the line x concerned.


Not to you @damiano70, we repy almost same time :slight_smile:


the main reason is i want to split outgoing duration.Each line has a free of charge for up to 1000’ minitues to mobile phones. so my customer does not benefit if Always route through specific port.
I have manage to do it with Failover and time conditions but i wonder why DAHDI Out Line Selection --> Poll.
does not working.