Outgoing calls hang up at six seconds


hello, everytime we make an outgoing call, at six seconds it hangs up. any idea? it is so frustrating…


99.99% NAT problems, but if you do not give the details and the exact scenario impossible to help you out


ok. tell me what you need… I am new with this and going crazy…


server model
fw server
type of network infrastructure
trunk voip?
any other details and exact error procedure


thanks for you quick answer…

ucm 6202 firmware 21
trunk voip metrotel from argentina
local network. network 192.168.88.X


Take a network capture of a call and post. if using a public IP to reach the provider, then mask some of the public IP, but not all as we need to be able to tell which is local and which is public.


any idea how to do it? I do a packet lan capture and then?


Post the results to a file hosting service such as Drop Box or other and then paste the link.


I have the same problem when I configure the External Host in PBX Settings>SIP Settings>NAT…
If I set a host or ip calls are dropped after 6-10 seconds…



so? any solution?


Have you already any External Host configured?..


If you set NAT then disable NAT setting on trunk.