Outgoing calls cut off if not answered quick


I have a UCM 6208 with gxp2135 phones and SIP trunks. When calling out, the call ends after about 3 rings if not answered on the remote end. I’m not sure where to start testing and can’t figure out how to get to the logs to see what is happening.

thoughts? Could someone give me a link with instructions on accessing the logs? Or perhaps knows what might be causing this?


You need to do a network capture while calling and then download and examine with Wireshark. This has the message exchange between the UCM and provider and may shed some clues as to who is doing what to whom.


Correction: It appears to be a phone issue. It does it on internal calls as well.


Update for those looking for a solution to this same problem…

I was seeing a authentication error in the logs, even though the sip password was correct and the phone was registering. I factory defaulted the phone and added it back in using zero config and all is well now.


Don’t you just hate that? I really wish there was a better way to figure out if something is corrupted in settings somewhere on both the phones and on the UCM’s.