Outbound Rule Privilege Level International by Country


Is it possible to limit the countries that can be called outbound?

I see Outbound Routes has Privilege Level which can be National (USA) and International.


You can limit it by what you put in the Pattern in the Outbound Route.


What else is needed to enable outbound International calling?

I set user privilege and outbound trunk privilege to International.


The privilege level really has nothing to do with the dialing ability per se, but rather how the outbound dial plan is set relative to the privilege associated to an extension and the outbound path.

What else is needed?

  1. Your provider must first allow it. Many prevent it initially to prevent huge bills from showing up.
  2. You must know the dial strings needed by the provider to dial internationally (examp, in the US it is 011) along with the country code and destination number.
  3. You must create the outbound rules using the dial plan strings that allow the needed numbers from #3 above.
  4. You must insure that the privilege associated to the outbound rule is such that the extensions that are allowed to use the rule must be of the same or higher privilege level.


I would like to know how to allow calling to Canada. Would the dial strings be provided by the VOIP provider, Flow Route? Is the standard pattern “_011+.” for Outbound Route?

I enable outbound rules to allow international calling. The extension i’ve been testing has the international calling privilege level.


Canada is part of the NANP which is not considered an international call given your profile location.
You dial it like you would an long distance call in the US.

You need to read the manual for the UCM for dial string formulation and privilege levels but here is a quick dial string you can use. 1ZXXXXXXXXX.

http://www.grandstream.com/sites/default/files/Resources/ucm62xx_usermanual.pdf (same as 61XX for dial plan)


Thanks. I added ‘Canada’ to the country whitelist in the VOIP provider’s web control panel. It worked after about an hour when calling the Canadian test phone numbers.


in reality there is a preset blacklit where you can enable/disable the countries on UCM, but it does not work,
I have reported it several times in the tickets …