Outbound Route for Hotel


Question for outbound routes. I have a system that put in for Hotel. Typically we use _x. for outbound route. However the customer wants the rooms to only be able to dial ROOM to ROOM, Local calling (419) area code, 1-800 numbers and 0 to reach the front desk.
So would this be the correct format for outbound setup
419xxxxxxx (local calls)
1800xxxxxxx (1-800 calls)
0 (operator)
xxxx (room to room)


Room to room does not need an outbound route nor does 0 as these are all internal.

You did not state the provider connection type which may influence how the rules need to be formatted. As an example, if using SIP, you may very well need to format all local calling as 1419XXXXXXX, but if analog, you need to consider 7 digit as well as possibly 10 digit dialing. It needs to match the provider requirements.

Finally, you need to accommodate emergency dialing which also means you need to see if the property has any printed instructions on the faceplate of the phone or other of what the guests were expected to dial for an emergency. If an older hotel where you replaced a system, they guest may have had to dial a 9 or 8 and then 911. So you may need to consider 911, 8911 and 9911 where the latter 2 numbers need to strip 1.


Thanks. Curently just standard pots line, no SIP yet in regards to provider. The carrier does not require a 1 for local dialing just 419-xxx-xxxx


Even though most people today have a cell phone and guests generally are not using hotel phones to call out, I would still permit long distance calling. If the client is concerned about cost, create an account with a cheap SIP provider like VOIP.ms, where you pay about $.01 a minute and create a rule that routes long distance calling over SIP. Will cost almost nothing and will keep everyone happy.