Outbound dialing pattern


Hello guys
i m in Toronto Canada area,can anybody tell me what my OUTBOUND PATTERN should look like for VOIP Trunk?Everything was working fine up until now.
I followed this video link below to clean up and tidy up my OUTBOUND pattern and now my calls are not going through anymore.I have put everything back the way it was before but still not working.My SIP Provider is closed now and can’t even make a call.i have even reebooted the UCM6202 but no help.


Does this pattern look ok ?
It was like this before and it was working.



I use the _XXXXXXXXXX and _1XXXXXXXXXX on my machines and dialling is fine. Does your provider let you list failed calls along with detail? You might have a problem with invalid CID on the trunk. I got hit with that one.

Otherwise, try reducing the outbound to one pattern, say _XXXXXXXXXX and seeing if your calls go through. If they do add in one more pattern. I’m not an expert but I think you may have conflicting entries.


Hello Thanks for your quick response but NATHAN from GRANDSTREAM Tech Support helped me on this allready and the problem was with the GXP2135 phone set.Because i had upgradeded to the latest firmware and when this phone set is on the same network as UCM6202 than NAT needs to be DISABLED in the extension settings.But if the phone is at the remote location than it needs to be ENABLED.
It s working now.


Kamal: Glad to hear it was an easy fix!