Outbound caller ID as VOIP user account ID


When making outbound calls from trunks, the caller ID is my VOIP account user ID. I’d like it to say the business name or the phone number.


On sip trunk page, set DOD settings


Go to PBX settings>>General Settings>>Global Outbound CID Name: just fill it up.


Can I customize the Caller ID for each outbound route? There are three prefix codes (1, 2, 3) to dial out depending on the desired phone line.


Not based upon a route. You can have a different CID based upon extension or trunk.

There is CID and Cnam. Cnam is the name whereas CID is the number. Cnam is usually delivered to the other end by the delivering carrier, but it may depend on if the line is PSTN or other. The delivering carrier will see the CID and then do a “dip” into a database to associate the name, so your populating a name into any field in the PBX may not do as you would like. Nevertheless, give it a shot, nothing to lose.


Unchecking the checkbox says “Keep Trunk CID:” allowed the Caller ID to change.

Edit: All three outbound calls are showing the same caller ID number and text. I have them set to be different.


You need different account or trunk for each call.


It depends on where/how you have set with your info and if your provider will allow it and if so, in what header do they look to get the info.


Is anyone here available to do a screen share to check the configuration?

It appears that everything related to Caller ID is set correctly.


Many of us offer paid support if it is needed as we are businesses as well.

helpdesk.grandstream.com is your best bet for free support.


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