Other brand templates


I was looking to maybe test out the UCM6202 but I cant seem to find concrete info to see if I can use other brand phones with the system, specifically for zero config and templates. Can anyone shed some light on this?


Zero config is only for GS phones, you can use any IP phone that uses current SIP protocol, UCM is based on Asterisk, so you have no constraints. Good job.


Am I able to create templates for the group of phones easily or does this have to be done manually?


with GS phones use Zero config easily and you can do what you want, for other vendors, you have to know the template and do them by hand


Part of the issue is what brands are needed and what are their config requirements?

“Easily” is somewhat subjective as it depends on your skill set.

The answer to your question is fundamentally yes, you can use other makes of phones and SIP devices provided they are SIP compliant.

You have options -

  1. You can manually provision each phone
  2. Depending on the phone make and, in some cases distributors, they may have a provisioning mechanism by which you could use their resource to provision the phones.
  3. You can obtain template samples and modify to your needs and then set up a TFTP or other provisioning server on the network. It’s not as bad as it seems.

However, as all of the above are not integrated into a single system, it does mean that if a change is made to any one make of phone (such as a name change), the UCM can’t update the template for the other makes automatically which means you will have to change each one manually for those where the changed name needs to be reflected.