Opus first causes hold and park failure



I’m running a UCM6202 with v1.0.19.27 and a GXP2135 with v1.0.9.135
I have placed G.722 in first pace in front of PCMU in both the phone and the UCM Extension settings. The phone tells me it’s using it and I find no detriment in functionality.
Now I’m trying to place OPUS in first place on the phone and UCM. When I do this, calls come in as G.722 according to the phone… Then I place the call on hold or park the call, the other end gets the Music on Hold. I then try to pick the call back up and the call gets dropped. I move OPUS back to the bottom of the list and everything is back to normal.


If memory serves there is an issue with OPUS and MOH. It has been reported in the forum.
Do a forum search for OPUS and see what comes up. If they got MOH, then it was likely at a codec using something other than OPUS. To see what is happening exactly, you need to do a capture of a call when using OPUS to see if really using it and why the disconnect.


Yes, OPUS is not officially supported by GS for the UCM. Phones yes, but not the PBX.

I was the one who reported that OPUS doesn’t work with MOH. Multiple persons tried to make it work.


Interesting. I would hope that Grandstream hasn’t given up on trying to make it work. Because if they have, they really should remove OPUS from the Codec Lists in the UCM.