Option in voicemail greeting to return to IVR


Is there a way to enable an option to return to the IVR when listening to an extensions voicemails greeting. Example: if I press 1 to go to extension 100, It rings 4 times and goes to Extensions 100 voicemail. During extension 100’s voicemail greeting I have the option to press 9 to return to the main menu.


Yes, you just point option 9 to the IVR you want to go to.

If you want it to replay the current IVR, save the IVR and then go back in and set it to go to itself


Where do I go to choose option 9 in the phone extension voicemail greeting? I know how to set up different options in the IVR.


I see what you mean.

Right now there is only one way out of a voicemail greeting.
On the UCM you enable the operator option in voicemail greetings and select an extension.
Call Features–Voicemail–operator
If you want it to go to an IVR then you need to make a fake extension that call forwards to the desired IVR.

What I do in those cases is send the inbound route to an IVR that has no repeats and the timeout is pointed to the voicemail of the desired extension with no audio recording and I use the IVR as the voicemail recording.
Then I have a plethora of options I can use if I want.