Openvpn Gwn 7000


Good morning ,

I write here because I have a theme, I have a gwn700 as an openvpn server and two gpx1625 connected to it, the problem is that when the locality where the gpx1625 are down the internet goes down the gpx1625 does not reconnect on their own, they must be restarted.

Who can help me?



Maybe it is too late, but what do you mean by “not reconnect on their own”? The GXP does not connect to the GWN VPN or it doesn’t register? I mean, before restarting it, can you reach (ping) the phone from GWN?



What firmware, what are the phones connecting to.

Get into the web browser of a phone and see what the registration status is.
Get into the other device to which the phones connect and see what the phones’ status is at the SIP server.