OpenDoor Soft Button for GDS3710 on GXP2160/30 and UCM6202


I have GXP2160 and GXP2130 phones connected to a UCM6202. Also connected is a GDS3710. Unfortunately I am having trouble with the OpenDoor soft button integration.

I have entered the GDS3710’s extension number in the phones’ “External Services” configuration. When I call the GDS3710 from the phones the OpenDoor soft button is displayed on the phones. When the GDS3710 calls the phones the OpenDoor button is not shown. That is on-hook and off-hook. I am using a ring group, however, I also used single phone’s number and it is still the same: when calling the GDS3710 from the phone the OpenDoor buttoin shows, when the GDS3710 calls the phone it is not. What could be the issue here?

Second question, the GDS3710 allows for the blue backlight behind the doorbell button to be turned on at certain times. That’s a handy feature at night of course. However, one any button has been pressed on the GDS3710 the backlight behind the doorbell button is turned off and never turned back on again.

Firmware vesions:
GXP2160: Boot:, Core:, Base:, Prog:, Locale:, Recovery:

Thank you.


You do not overwrite name on ring group with Replace Display Name ?
If yes turn it off.
Also check if you do not set in Extension (GDS)
CallerID Number anything other then empty.


Thank you, Marcin. I had the CallerID in the UCM extension settings set. After removing it the OpenDoor soft key shows up. Much appreciated.