Open Source Firmware


I have had a number things I had wanted to do with my GWN7000 that it just wouldn’t support. The latest is to use Cicco’s OpenDNS. So I am looking into replacing the firmware with an open source alternative. Figuring out what (if any) alternative would work on this has been problematic. Grandstream is not listed as a manufacturer either supported or unsupported on any of the sites I have found so far. It seems to be based mostly on the chipset and memory of the routers.

So, does anyone know the chipset used in the GWN7000?


I’m confused. I thought OpenDNS was a set of DNS servers you can use, not a firmware you can install?


That would be a question for helpdesk. If they will give out that information.


OpenDNS was acquired by CIsco and to SmartVox’s point to use same only requires that you change the DNS IP to:

  • and/or

It does not require new firmware and the same effect could likely be had by putting the IP in the router and then pointing the GWN DNS to the router.

Is there more to the story?


What @lpneblett said. I wonder if @SavvyInc might be thinking of something like DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Tomato, or some of the other open source router firmware replacements?


It is. But to assign a DDNS, you have to select from a drop-down list. The Grandstream software limits your choices to a few predefined services.

So I would like to find alternative firmware that is more flexible.


Don’t own a GWN7000, but you’re saying there’s no way to set custom DNS servers? Can you send them via DHCP?


What, DDNS? OK, that is different than setting to OpenDNS. You may be better off using one of the predefined services.

My take is that while many of the devices use chipsets that can accommodate some 3rd party firmware, the GS device family is attempting to create its own ecosystem with the associated access points and cloud, similar to the EdgeRouter family. There are numerous derivatives of these firmware(s) that have been tested and customized for the various devices and while some chipsets may be the same or similar, such may not be the case with all the other components and how they are used and controlled.

This device is relatively new and it could be that it has not acquired the following as of yet to cause others to invest the time to determine and develop one of the 3rd party into a GS version. My take is that it would be far simpler to see if you can find a DDNS name you like from one of the supported DDNS providers rather than running the risk of bricking the unit.


Sorry, I didn’t read very closely. DDNS, as @lpneblett said, is not OpenDNS. The first one provides dynamic DNS services to someone who’s on a potentially changing IP connection (like a home user) while the second provides alternative DNS services with various optimization and filtering capabilities.


Well, that is one of several issues I have with the firmware. I want to block a number of URLs (not IP Addresses, but URLs) and I want to allow a couple of the machines on the network access to anything internal, but not to the gateway. I need more granularity.


The device does support website blocking and you can set firewall rules to limit access. Firmware version