Open door via Grandstream and Hassio


I’m trying to use my Grandstream 3570 intercom to open the front door after a SIP call from a mobotix Doorbell.
The door opener can only be controlled by hassio home automation server and KNX.
The intercom is connected via ethernet only.


  • Door bell rings. (OK)
  • SIP call to intercom (OK)
  • Accepted by user (OK)
  • A button appears to send a signal that opens the door. (TODO)

My question is:
Is that possible and how?
if not: Is there an alternative way to send a signal from the intercom to hassio?

Thanks for help


Could you provide topology of this application? No familiar with Hassio/KNX, but a SIP call generated from Mototix doorbell should allow GSC3570 to send DTMF PIN to it to do open door operation, if supported.

If GSC3570 has DO wired directly to Hassio/KNX, then press the virtual open door button in GSC3570 (after receiving the call from Mobotix), theoritically this would work.

Anyway, this seems to be a system integration solution, you better get help from local professional access control contractor to do it. We might provide some suggestion but in the end you need to put your hand in the system to see whether it works or not.

Thanks for using Grandstream Access Control Solution. Please update and advise if having further questions.
Good luck!


Thx for your answer.
The intercom is connected via ethernet (Lan/ PoE) only and the Mobotix is not able to open the door.

I’ve read about a possiblity to send a HTTP GET Request in “settings->external service”. But i dont know if (and how) that can be used while the mobotix call.

Another thing i’ve found is to configure a desktop shortcut button (“HTTP URL”). But i couldn’t find any information about this in the manual.


The manual has been updated on Feb 9, 2023 :smiley:
So i found out how to use a desktop shortcut button (“HTTP URL”) to trigger the server and open the door.
It’s not the preferred way, but it works.