Open door over ip/sip


Hello everybody,

using Grandstream-devices for a while,
I know about multiple options configuring what ever you want.

But now I’m stuck at door-opening via grandstream ID-card on a gds3710.

What I want is opening the door with idcard over sip or another ip-protocol,cause my door-opener is not connected to the gds but to a Relais controlled by my home server.

Is there a way to do so? Maybe in a newer firmware (i have

Thank you!


You can connect is as open button controlled via relay.
As for IP : it is possible but you need SIP client where you can dial doorphone and sent DTMF.


Thanks for quick reply,

but what I want is using an external relay, not the internal of the gds. (I’ve connected just the ethernet-cable, nothing else)


Then get external relay that can use SIP to make call to GDS and use DTMF to open door.


OK, but I didn’t get how to use the rfid card in this scenario?


Card is connected to relay, yes ? So sweep card relay initiate call to GDS and open door via dtmf code (or via http open link - see manual).
As i understand door is connected to GDS. If not please describe how you have it connected.


No, ist’s like this:

| (run card over scanner of GDS3710)
| (lan-cable, sip? http?)
HOME-SERVER (check if door should be opened)
| (other lan-cable)
| (12v Wire)

so there is no (direct) connection between GDS and door-opener.


I know you can use wiegand to sent data from card to external system via wiegand.
Also you can read syslog from GDS which include card number.
Not sure about HTTP api.