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Hi all,

We have grandsteam phones across our whole network and have moved to a new hosted platform.

I am trying to set up open-close hours on a blf toggle with *404 but the button won’t dial when using * in front of the number.

“Open/Close: *404
Users can program a BLF key on their phone to *404 in order to monitor Operation Times status and to use it to enable or disable Operation Times rules.
For example, if a user stays in the office after the Operation Times rules activate for off hours, the BLF will notify the user of the changed state by turning on the BLF light or changing its color (behavior will depend on the device used). Once *404 is provisioned as BLF pressing the button will toggle Operation times ON or OFF, the same as if user dialed *401/*402.”

Any suggestions?


Use speed Dial.


that works and i did think of that but you have no BLF indicator to show if it’s been activated


There was an enhancement in the UCM to allow for that, but from the code you are using I suspect you are using a different IP PBX (even though you put your query into this topic area).


Sorry, yes we are using a third party pbx built in asterisk. Didn’t realise i was in the wrong section


If you advise which phone model you are referring to, I will move this thread accordingly.