Open and restore a GWN backup file


Hello everybody,
until some previous fw it was possible to open the backup file created by the GWN “”,
it opened like a normal zip, it was possible to make changes etc.

Now opening a GWN backup file “” an error is returned, in reality the file is correct as importing this file from the GWN everything happens correctly,

does anyone know if there is a procedure to open the GWN backup file “”?


hi @GS.Jimmy,
hi @GSSupport74,

after a month and a half of waiting, through a ticket I finally received a tool to open a GWN backup file “”,

taken by the enthusiasm I proceed to use it, and I discover that it’s all from the command line, and as far as I’m concerned it’s practically impossible to use,

therefore I wonder:

  • How does Grandstream claim to want to enter the world of the Network (in this case of Wifi) if even a simple backup/restore operation becomes impossible?
  • is it possible that the average installer needs to do a crash course in DOS commands in order to perform a backup/restore operation?
  • backup is the only method to be able to quickly restore an emergency situation at the customer, without the possibility of making a backup, an installer avoids selling/installing Grandstream to go to the competition, and I don’t think Grandstream wants this .

n.b.: recently GWN Cloud, following an important update, has in many cases encountered several problems (there are several complaint posts), so as I have already said, as far as I am concerned today it is not the correct way to rely to an effective recovery situation.

I hope Grandstream will provide comprehensive answers regarding this important topic,
I await your kind feedback,



what/where is the tool? Maybe it can be automated with script


unfortunately nothing automatic, otherwise I would not have described it as a “problem”


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! The “” backup file is encrypted, so you cannot unzip it. This file is only used to restore the current GWN device, and due to the security reason, you cannot use it to restore other GWN devices.

If you want to switch the new GWN device as a master device, you can set the new GWN to the old GWN device as a slave device, and click the “Transfer to Master” option following the new GWN device, so that the configuration in the old GWN device will be transferred to the new GWN device. Please refer to the screenshot below:

Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


hi @GSSupport74,

the only problem is to easily replace a master GWN with another standalone GWN in case of failure, the only viable way would be to do it via Backup restore, exactly as it happens today for UCMs etc…
If it’s just for security reasons, it would suffice to be able to decrypt the GWN backup file via the default pswd (written behind GWN),
I don’t know of any other vendor’s equipment that doesn’t allow you to restore the same backup on another identical/similar product.

It seems to me an important solution, to complete the correct use of the A.P. GWN in a professional and safe way.



Why you not set failover for master ? Then you have master after fail main master which you can then add new one transfer as GS provide. It is way easier then do it manual with backup.

i agree that backup should be usable on all GWN in case you have 1 Ap which go dead and you cannot make restore, but for bigger network really do not them.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! This feature request has been reported to our GWN development team today for evaluation. Currently, you can set failover before it is failure, so that the slave device will be transfered to master device when the master device is failure, and the configuration will also be transferred to the new master device. For this feature, you need to select a slave AP as the failover AP before the failure happens:

Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


Obviously I always set failover, the problem arises where there is only one GWN


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! If you only have 1 GWN device, you can use the previously exported backup file to restore this GWN device if needed. The backup file cannot be used to restore another GWN device. This feature request has been submitted to our GWN development team for evaluation. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!


I’ll explain,
it is the case of 1 active GWN, and this fails, the GWN would have to be replaced and the previous backup would be useless.


Dear user,

Thank you for your clarification! Yes, if it is the case, the previous backup file cannot be used on the new GWN device. I have reported this feature request to our development team. Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!