One light to rule them all (red light won't turn off)


On “System Settings -> Preferences” page, turning on the red LED light and then turning on another light without turning off the red one results in the red one staying lit on the device until you return to it and turn it off. This behavior only seems to happen once you turn on the red light. Green and blue will turn each other off as expected.



This should not be a correct behavior for this feature, only 1 LED light can be turn on at a time. What firmware is your GSC3510?

Are there any users having this problem?

Thank you,


One light at a time is on, but if you turn the red light on, then you can’t turn on a blue or green light until after you turn on the red light. Try this:

Turn on blue. You have a blue light.
Without turning off blue, turn on green. You should have a green light.
Now, without turning off green, turn on red. You should have a red light.
And finally, without turning off red, turn on blue. On ours, the red light stays on. It should switch to blue.



I tried all these scenario step-by-step and its working fine on ours.
In your case, it could be just a bug on older version, we are trying to release a “stable” firmware within this week. On this newer firmware you shouldn’t be having this problem anymore.