Once more with site templates


So the whole template thing is nice, but cumbersome. Let’s say we have three customers:

  • United Federation of Planets (UFP) in San Francisco
  • Starfleet Command (SC) in San Francisco
  • Daystrom Institute (DI) in Okinawa

Now, SC is part of UFP but DI is separate. What we’d like to be able to do is the following, assuming GXP2140s as the phones we’re distributing:

  • Assign base parameters such as background images, screensaver timeouts, and so forth to all phones everywhere
  • Assign UFP parameters to all phones at UFP, which includes all phones at SC. This may be things like timezone and speed dial information
  • Assign SC parameters to all phones at SC, which may override the UFP template information, but should also supplement it. So timezone won’t be changed, but maybe speed dials will be, and possibly VPMKs may be set up
  • Meanwhile, in Okinawa, the GXP1240s get a different timezone, but should still inherit the “global” GXP2140 template that defines screensaver and background

It does not appear that we can do this at the present, because only one model-specific template can be assigned to a site at a time. So an “all sites” template is on all sites, which means a “SC site” template couldn’t be added.

While that’s not what we’d like, the other thought was - copy the global template (on “all sites”) and remove it from all sites, then apply the copy to the SC site. But there is no “duplicate template” option. So we have to go through all the screens again to make each change.

I strongly suggest coming up with away to have a structure similar to the following:

  • Global per organization
  • Global per model
  • Global per site
    • Site specific model
    • Group specific model

Or something. In other words, anything at a “higher” level can be included automatically at the “lower” level, but anything at the lower level will supplement or replace whatever is specified at the higher level.


@SmartVox I wholeheartedly agree with you.

I have asked in the past the the GDMS templates work and act as least as well as the ones in Zero Config. I don’t care if the method is different as long as it is not too ownerous and works.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback for GDMS platform! If the user wants to use the template as Global template for the devices, the user can create the model template and select the type as “None”, and push the template to the devices manually.

If the template is created in group template module, the user can select the type as “General Series”, and push the template to the devices manually.

If the user is using different organization as the method, the templates are separated; If the user wants to replace and overwrite the configuration in the device, the user can use Site function in this case. May I ask that if you create the different companies in different Sites or different Organizations? If you are using different organizations method, the templates will be separated.

For the provisioning manually issue, we will try to find out a better solution for this in GDMS future release.

Thanks again for your testing and feedback!

Thank you!


Thank you.

When you do this, please keep in mind what many of us want is for this to work automatically and not by having to do this manualy as noted above. Personally I don’t even want to have to schedule this in order to make this a seamless process as is the case with Zero Config.


What you are suggesting is a procedural solution. We can put in our United Federation of Planets Operations Manual that if you add a phone to Starfleet Command, you have to manually push a bunch of templates, but that seems like humans have to do it and humans are lazy and make mistakes.

At least, if you’re going to make us push templates like that, give us a way to duplicate a master template which we can than alter slightly, rather than having to click a bunch of check boxes to replicate it manually as a second template. (Did you see me use the work “replicate” there?)

Anything that can be done to reduce the amount of information in the UFP Operations Manual and reduce the amount of mouse clicks would be an improvement.


Dear users,

Thank you all for your suggestions! I talked with our developers and pushing configuration file to devices manually is an inconvenient operation method for now, and we will consider to improve in GDMS future release. Thank you all for your testing and suggestions!

Thank you!


Maybe could you just add “duplicate template” so that we don’t have to start from scratch every time?


Dear user,

Thank you for your suggestions! We will consider this feature in GDMS future release. We will consider the design method of this feature and how to implement this feature in GDMS platform. Thanks for your feedback!

Thank you!