Old HT-503 and firmware upgrade



I want to upgrade our pretty old sample of terminal adapter:
Product Model: HT-503 V1.1B
Software Version: Program-- Bootloader-- Core-- Base--

I tried on different way with actual, but without success.
Please advice or help to break trough upgrade procedure successfuly.

Thanks, Franc


normally you do not switch from an old fw to a new one immediately, usually it is recommended to upgrade step by step with intermediate fw



Thanks for fast reply.
I tried with FW version oldest from two available under link you suggested), copied in my tftp server directory:

Unfortunately, still doesnt work.
Can you check from attached screenshot if I have a proper settings ?

BR, Franc


open ticket


Problem is that you need transition firmware. There was 2 changes in firmware files from 1.0.1.xx

2.xxx is lan ip.
Ht upgrade via WAN port.
So switch to bridge (unlock wan), configure wan (static ?) and try again (you need to have firmware from GS).

So in short open ticket to GS.


Thanks for useful hints, I opened the ticket and followed the instructions - so that our device is successfully updated to actual firmware now.