Office Time and Out of Office Time


The PBX has a setting for Office Time (System Settings > Time Settings > [TAB] Office Time), the routing has an option of “Out of Office Hours”, so i assume that’s all times not covered in the above TAB time settings (making it “Out of Office” times)?

I also assume Out of Office Times is NOT covered in the Holiday Time section (as this has its own ruling selections in the routes).


If you set a route to include:
default destination–> place A
out of office time–> place B
holiday --> place C

it works on priority of Holiday–>out of office time–>default destination.
if the holiday and the out of office include the same set of time, it will do the holiday route over any others.



However where does “Office Time” fall in to this, thats the only one that can be set in the UCM, i assume ANY time outside of Office Time (as configured in the UCM) is considered Out of Office Time?

I am setting:
Defualt > A
Out of Office Time > B

The setting Office Time to be the working hours, the plan being A will be while the office is open and B when they are closed (as those hours are outside the “Office Time” in the UCM)



Office time is set in the time settings and then that is used via the default route.

Everything else gets to be specific time condition name like Holiday or Out of Office Time.
They do leave the Office Time condition in the routing if you want to use it, but it is the same as the default route so you don’t need to.




Tis my pleasure to serve.


How would you handle different departments having different office times … ie service is closed on Saturday, but Sales is open on Saturday? Thank you for the assistance!


About the only way would be RING GROUPS, however i cant find any time settings in those.


Incoming call depend on number you called.
If Different: Separate numbers and make appropriate routing for it.
If same: then change IVR in Saturday that not allow take service.

In short it depend on your installation.


If I may, I’d like to revive this…

My customer has summer hours (7 to 3:30), then changes to regular hours (8 to 4:30). Questions about programming this in the UCM.

I have index 1 and 2 setup for summer hours and index 3 setup for regular hours. Please see pics. Will this work? Another question is, when I have “Week” mon through fri selected, AND all days of the month selected, will this only engage on weekdays? Does the “week” filed override the "day"filed, or will this be engaged every day of the month in this example?

Thank you


Looks fine to me. You are essentially telling the system that on every weekday during a given month, to run the selected hours regardless of the date in the month. All 3 aspects have to agree before the system will engage the rule.


Thank you