Off hook gateway gxw4216


Hello everyone,
My name is Julia and I am new to the forum.
I have an issue with the grandstream gxw4216 I just received yesterday.
After unpacking I stared to configure the gateway;
first I created a profile then I configured/enabled fxs port 1.
After doing all that I pluged my telephoneline into port1, I checked my port status and port 1 was registered but off hook.
if I plug out my telephone line and check port status it says fxs port 1 on hook registered.
I don’t understand this!?
Is there someone out there with the same issue?
Can someone please help me?



It is correct.
Register is for SIP side
While on hook and off hook is analog state. This depend on phone line added to panel and later it is about handset OFF or ON phone.