Number does not exist when call from an IVR



I have an inbound route created. Which if you call works perfectly. The problem is using an external IVR that I do not manage., when the number is pressed and it should be diverted to said number, the operator tells me that the number does not exist.

Is it a problem with the pattern of the incoming route or why does this happen only in this case and not when calling directly?



How do you know that whatever is controlling the remote IVR that the number that is actually sent matches that which you dial?

If you can dial and reach it, then you or whoever manages it needs to look at the remote IVR settings and the associated outbound rules. For all I know, you may be dialing from a different locale from that which the IVR is located and presumably what you dial and what is needed to be dialed from the IVR may be different.


try to post the screenshot of the IVR settings and the DTMF method used