Can you tell me how to configure the PANASONIC KX-NS1000 to connect to the UCM6510 via SIP TRUNK.


This may help, but use the UCM settings in the SIP provider section which I assume you have set up.

Later edit - forgot to attach link:


you need to know what about the NS1000?
the configuration of the sip in the NS 1000? (from the sip provider)
or a sip account of the internal?


the client bought a new Grandstream call center UCM6510, and he wants to be able to call the extensions on the already existed NS1000 via SIP trunk.
so i don’t know how to explain the case further…


Treat UCM6510 as normal peer trunk from ITSP. You can configure this on NS1000 ?


we have been trying to configure, but it still tells me unreachable, so if you have a scenario that we can follow and activate the SIP trunk on the NS1000


In the panasonic: DSP card, NS5110x (v-sipgw16) sip licenses KX-NSM102W or more.
Pana programming: 1 configuration, 1 slot, virtual slot, V-sipgw16 card,: creates SIP account of the grandstream (example 1005, password 1234) with ip address of the grandstream (see photos).
After: 10 G-LR, 3 SDA table, between the number (1005) see photo.
After on a station grandstream dial the 1005 the number will go
101 of panasonic
you can do the same side grandream with the account of the


I have not understood what you’re doing, but if you want to make the two middlemen talk the best way is to put them in peer (check side Panasonic if it is possible)