Notify internal caller that callee is currently on a call



Is there a way other than using BLFs for callers to see on the call screen that the extension they are calling is currently on a call? Our old system did it and now they expect it on this one.


what system are you talking about and how do you do it?


We have had the same request that when someone dialed a number on an extension and the destination is “busy/on the phone” the display will state this while still ringing…


The outgoing system is a Nortel.


On the Nortel, how could they tell?


On the Nortel the screen stated “On a call” while ringing the other party or something to that effect. On the GXP2135 screen I saw an area marked status (I’m not at the office so can’t take a pic) but it’s always blank. What is the purpose of it?


Would need to see the pix. Not sure as there are many items referred to as a status.

As an aside, and playing devil’s advocate a bit -

It is not clear to me what the benefit is. It seems that in order to get the message, one had to dial the extension anyway, so then the issue is that if the recipient could only handle one call, then the call would be diverted and handled in another manner. If the recipient could handle more than one call, then I assume that they could elect to answer or reject.

In any event, the status was not known beforehand which may have influenced the caller’s decision to wait until not busy and then call …or not wait and dial anyway.

So back to the Notrel, once they dialed and saw that the recipient was on a call, what did the caller or the system do? Perhaps this is the part I am missing.


The recipient always had the option to accept or reject the other call. We have call waiting. However, the other party may not be aware of the reason why the other party is not answering their call. It may not always be feasible to put the existing call on hold, so the message would quickly let the other caller know that they are currently on a call to try back in a few as opposed to having their call rejected without an immediate explanation. Where I work there are some that may have an issue with their assistant rejecting their call however, if they see the status they automatically know what’s going on.