not talk simultaneously on 715 and 710



I have a problem in both models 715 and 710 in a link if a person talks while the other voice just cuts. In short I can not talk simultaneously if one speaks the other’s voice cuts do not know if this is a bug or configuration is even like to have this information. With other devices do not.


Hi, Evilsmo.

Please open a ticket and our support team gladly attends you.

This is the link

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I open this Thanks


Your welcome!

Can you say me what is your ticket number?



I have the same problem, 2 DP715 phones connected in a UCM6104, cut off the connection when the two people are talking simultaneously.

DP715 info: Hardware Version: V1.3A Part Number:9610002713A Program – Bootloader – Core – Base –

UCM6104 info: Boot: Core: Base: Lang: Program: Recovery:

New installation, I can not finish - I am desperate