Not Supported by the NVR



currently the GVR3550 does not support this camera type. To be able to disable audio recording it needs to be configured as OnVif instead of GrandStream. And when you do this you lose the OSD from the NVR.


The GXV3611IR_HD is supported.


I might have to ask what’s your definition of the word “is”… It is NOT fully supported. I have 18 of these cameras on two different systems and while yes they do let you add the cameras and they show up as GrandStream, if you go to the encoding page you cannot make changes. I had to set all of these cameras to OnVif just so I could stop the NVR from recording audio. You can also not make changes to the OSD from the NVR. So, sure it shows up as a grandstream camera… but it is hardly supported.

These cameras have other bugs as well, like connecting to the UCM. I have 16 out of 18 that can’t connect to the sip accounts. I opened a trouble ticket for each one of these issues.


Good idea on the tickets. Disable audio on the camera and you’ll be good to go in the mean time. :slight_smile:


I’m just leaving them as OnVif until they fix the bug. In NYS you are not allowed to record audio so this is a big issue.


GVR3550 Firmware
GXV3611_IR_HD Firmware

Accessing the Settings->Camera Management->Encoding Config option via the web interface seems to produce a spinning circle and does not seem to allow the changing of the configuration (there is an audio option). See Config_Spinning.jpg

Accessing the same option directly on the NVR using a keyboard/mouse/monitor, the options seem to be readily available and I’m able to change them (even though the NVR now and then complains about failing to change settings, repeated attempts seem to go through). See Config_Direct.jpg.

I also have a GXV3662_FHD with firmware that has no issues with being configured either way.


GVR3550, Hardware Version 1.6A, Firmware
GXV3611_IR_HD, Hardware Version 1.0A, Firmware

After updating to firmware, the camera’s encoding can now be configured via the GVR3550 console (which worked before) and the Web GUI (no more spinning circle).