Not seeing history of incoming/missed calls


I’m new to using the Grandstream soft phone app and am looking for some direction. Within the call history/missed calls section, I only see a history of outgoing calls, and no history of incoming or missed calls. Instead, I just see a list of contacts from my phone.

Possibly related: we are using this app to direct calls from an SIP account. Through that account we have a main business number routing calls to multiple cell phones based on specific extensions. However, when calls come in through that business number, our call display picks up only that business number, not the actual caller.

The cumulative impact of this is that we cannot see who has called us using the grandstream app.

I’m reached out to the provider of the SIP account and they suggested that these issues were more likely to sit with the app itself than with their service. I didn’t see these precise issues represented in other tickets at a glance, so I’m hoping someone can lend their insight…with my thanks in advance.

Version of the app is Myself and my colleague are both having the same experience.


at the top is the “call history” and “missed” tab.


connected to UCM I see the caller regularly, I don’t think you can change anything on the app, you should create a PCAP and see exactly what comes to him on the FROM field etc…


This sounds more like a Caller ID problem on the SIP server rather than the Softphone, try xlite via a PC/MAC to the same provider and see if that has the same issue.