Not Picking up PSTN (POTS) incoming calls


Not Picking up PSTN (POTS) incoming calls
UCM-62xx not picking up PSTN (POTS) incoming calls (have tested with client UCM-6208 and our test UCM-6204). Calls are originated from carrier LUMOS on PSTN lines from an Adtran device attached to carrier fiber delivery.
Have tested both UCM-62xx with other carrier PSTN (POTS) lines successfully (Suddenlink Cable delivered POTS).
Have attempted to adjust settings in UCM and opened case with carrier LUMOS. Carrier LUMOS is denying problem as lines work with butt set and former digital PBX.
Note: UCM’s status (both 6208 and 04) show incoming call but never answer with carrier LUMOS lines but do with carrier Suddenlink lines.


A couple of suggestions, what type of Adtran is it? Was the service there before the UCM and if so, what was it connected to? Many of the Adtran models support both a loop start and a ground start POTS line. You want loop start. you might also check and see what ring voltage they use. Some can be set and perhaps their other system, if there was one, required something lower than a normal ring voltage.

Let us just say that not all POTS lines are equal. A butt-set is a mechanical device and is not the defining measure for determining POTS line issues, The UCM is not mechanical and has to sense if a line is available before it will pass dial tone. You can try the FXO line testing in the UCM in the Interface section as well at in the trunk sections.

A suggestion, if LUMOS is providing both Internet and dial-tone, then it may be worth your while to see if they offer SIP trunking, Given that it is all beiong delivered via fiber, there should be no difference in reliability between analog or SIP and it may offer some added functionality and cost savings.


Disable Caller ID and it should work.


Good catch., had forgotten that one.


Client would not tolerate CallerID off so we never tried. thanks for all the suggestions. Carrier replaced Adtran - no change; carrier opened ticket with Adtran - no solution; carrier said they give up and we may leave for another carrier. In process of porting now.


Having similar issue posted in separate ticket. When you call your line does it fluctuate from active to idle on your status page?