Not defined number


Hello, we have connected the office mini PBX Grandstream ucm6204 through the SIP connector to Bitrix24, incoming outgoing communication through bitrix works, but the number is not detected in the bitrix, including when I call from internal number to bitrix, instead of number is determined sip4 login.

At the forum, Bitrix described the solution to the problem for Asterisk, how can this be done in UCM6204?

File extensions.conf


Set DOD, rest in manual:


Look with your provider how he send the callerID.


Hi adminzzz,

could you please share the integration photos. i am trying to integrate it but its unsuccessful.



Hi, would you to share us the steps for configuration? I’ve tried that integrate Bitrix with an UCM6104. regards.


hi, 2 years ago I did not solve this problem with the PBX grandstream, I replaced the PBX with a freepbx, with freebx it worked without problems, but there is a big minus of the Bitrix service itself, the voice works through the 3rd provider, there were often problems with calls, then the call didn’t go through, then the call came into the queue and the call didn’t come to the operators, and a lot of other problems that occurred on the Bitrix side, it’s generally a bad idea to drive voice traffic through different services. Beter to register a sip account directly in Bitrix and not use your station in as a sip gateway, or use the module for bitrix simple calls ( but this Russian language), or similar from other developers, it allows you to process calls locally to the PBX without sending voice traffic to the Bitrix server, but at the same time receive a client card with an incoming call, and have access to call records , but still, many of Bitrix’s usefulnesses in this case will not work, maybe in 2 years something has changed from Bitrix in terms of communication quality, I can’t say, our company refused Bitrix as well as from the PBX grandstream to freebx. and unfortunately therefore I can’t provide screenshots of the setup.