Nominate issues that should be addressed before GA


Hello Beta Testers,

We realize that the current beta firmware may be exhibiting some issues or may not be fulfilling expectations or needs and will be a problem when the devices becomes GA. So far we have collected a lot of feedbacks but we want to hear from everyone what they feel are the most important issues we need to address. We would like all Beta testers to nominate five issues and list them in order of priority from high to low. That way we can build a poll to understand the expectations and requirement before the product is launched.


  1. Critical issue
  2. Major issue
  3. Normal issue
  4. Improvement
  5. Feature request

We look forward to the feedbacks.




A. drop in registrations and lockups
A. able to login in to wifi portals
C. display of callerid name/number


  1. A - drop registration
  2. B - Configuration via USB port (or anyway to solve wifi connection problem in security area)
  3. D - statistics on network page (change useless to usefull)
  4. C - UCM lack template
  5. D - problem with hanger

  • A - Paging not working unless screen is on (likely to affect only a small subset of users, but those that need this feature NEED this to work)

  • A - Captive wifi portals are a must for those that need them

  • A - Clearing any start code or other dev testing issues like BUG - white noise when dialing *77 must be done

  • B - We haven’t experienced dropped registrations, but this is a big deal if it’s happening to others

  • B - MORE SIP ACCOUNTS ([FEATURE] More than two sip accounts and others)

  • C - Won’t dial if it’s not on the main screen (WP800 won’t dial if it’s not on main screen)

  • C - We believe the T9 style dialing should be eliminated when it makes sense, and do a “what you see is what you get” dialing, mainly when making phone calls (see How about just a “what you see is what you get” input method?).

  • D - Adding Bluetooth configuration on the GUI would be nice

  • D - Better wifi provisioning from a factory reset (USB connectivity is likely the best path, if a basic wpa_supplicant style config file could be put onto a USB drive and plugged into the bottom of the phone for first config.

  • E - Unlock the application loader so we can run other Android apps :slight_smile:



Please clarify this issue.



Critical issue

  • Registration dropping when screen off
  • Ability to login in to WiFi portals
  • Lack of Model Template on UCM

Major issue

  • Way to provision WP800 in addition to using Phone GUI for initial setup
  • Ability to choose Lock on Demand in addition to Always on or Always off.
  • Auto return to main page from any other page on Phone GUI after x time
  • Factory Reset option to reset without removing WiFi settings
  • Not sure if problem or not as I was not able to test, but phone’s ability to use OpenVPN to connect to UCM via GWN7000

Normal issue

  • At least 2 more SIP Accounts
  • Display of CallerID name/number
  • Option of having warning tone for low battery


  • Need for better belt clip
  • Availability of custom WP800 phone case

Feature request

  • More robust unit; ability to withstand drop of more than 7 feet
  • Water and dust resistant unit


Hi all,

Please only nominate five issues that you feel is most important.


Take my first 5 then.


Dear Grandstream,

This phone is going to be a game changer if it is rolled out well and without issue. The DP750 was supposed to be and it failed because it was plagued with problems that were brought up during the beta but failed to be addressed prior to general release. Most of the customers that we spoke to about using the DP750 said they would pass and we ended up selling zero units. None. Not one. ZERO. We’d thought it was going to be a great home-market phone for the ability to do traditional remote extension pickups so multiple people could talk to grandma at the same time, but that was a fail. It seems like Grandstream asked for beta testers and then ignored most of our feedback.

I feel differently about the WP800. I say again - this phone has the potential to be a game changing, market disrupting, heavy seller to both business and consumers, including consumers that are on the fence about switching to VoIP because they don’t want to have an ugly VoIP desktop phone. Luckily, I think you are listening to us, your beta testers, this time more than you have in the past about any other beta product.

PLEASE, Grandstream, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take the advice, suggestions, and concerns of these beta testers seriously. We are your field representatives and the people that will recommend thousands of these devices to thousands of customers. I hope you’re really listening this time, because the last wifi VoIP phone failed to be useful at all (anyone remember the Linksys/Cisco WIP300?) and it set back the idea of a wifi VoIP phone a few years.

Everyone says “why do I need a desktop phone when I have a smartphone?” The WP800 truly has the potential to put phones into the hands of people who already carry around smartphones because it’s just that good. Please take the time to make it great before you release it.

Thank you.
Eric Loyd
CEO, SmartVox
877.33.VOICE x3100


I fully agree with what @SmartVox is saying, both in terms of the phones potential and in terms of how the Beta is going.

I would like to say that, in my opinion, @GS.Rick has been doing a super job with this Beta; much better than some of the other Beta’s I have seen.

I recognize that @GS.Rick is only the messenger here, I hope that he will be successful at conveying to the “Powers That Be” the hopes and concerns being expressed here.

I know that I have invested a lot of time and energy in Grandstream, and my sole goal here is to help both of us be successful.




Critical issue
*missing auto provisioning via UCM
Major issue
*WP800 disconnected SIP account when idling more 30 mins then I have to reboot the WP800 to reconnect SIP Accounts
Normal issue
Feature request
*name caller ID


When u use clip phone go horizontal or screen down because of insecure holder.
We need some locking solution for this.



Ok you mean the phone clip issue.



1.Critical issue
Ability to have the phone join a secure WIFI network with no user intervention

2.Major issue
The belt clip is highly unsatisfactory for normal use

3.Normal issue
I have had numerous potential customers comment on the fact the TIME doesn’t show AM/PM when in 12 hour format. This seems to be the only GRANDSTREAM phone that exhibits this behavior

I am assuming that after GA, there will be a TEMPLATE for the UCM, but definitely need this,

5.Feature request
Would be nice to have at least three (3) SIP accounts on the handset to allow for more flexibility of user setp.


Thanks all for the feedback so far. For those that have not yet contributed please try to get your feedbacks in by EOB tomorrow. We will try to compile the issues and prioritize as necessary.

  1. Drop registration when idle for long periods of time
  2. Easier provisioning such as copying select options from SIP1 to SIP2 for quicker deployment
  3. At least 1 more SIP account for a total of 3 with easy switching between accounts
  4. Agree with others on a better belt clip
  5. Using the left/right on the center joystick to toggle between SIP accounts for outbound dialling besides using the current toggle button

All in all, an amazing device considering the wifi phones we carried 8 years ago were so basic and experimental compared to the WP800. The firmware will evolve this device into a truly great office tool.



It seems you mis-typed the “normal issue.” Please update.




Could you explain this in more detail? We already have a way to deploy WiFi settings to WP800 device via master/slave feature. Not sure if that’s what you need.



normal issues
*sometime time/date don’t show up and just reboot the phone and date/time show up again