Node View to see Calls and Call Paths


I would love to have some innovation in seeing how the calls are routed inside the PBX.

Having a view of how the calls come in. Which Sip trunks. -> extension or queue -> to which groups - > extension

This could be done in a Node view. So it’s easy to see the paths and easy to edit. Also, you can view how calls can get to the right people.

You could add extra paths or see which paths are not being used and take you to the correct area for settings to be changed.drawio


Nortel did this in the very early 2000’s with their Call Pilot. This is how you programmed it, graphically, dragging and dropping arrows as connectors - like MS Visio.

As far as I know this isnt currently a thing. I would imagine someone could take a backup file (if a backup could be saved as an XML or CSV - which it isnt) and transpose that into a visio drawing. Alas backup files aren’t either of those formats. As far as I know, You’d have to build it yourself going through the programming page by page.


This would be amazing to get this way of building and up a phone system as its easy to see paths in graphs.

Also you could see which depts are busy etc