No VMPKs at group template level - only device/model level


Why aren’t there VMPK slots on the group templates? It’s only on the individual device or model templates. That means that we have no way to make templates common to different groups/customers/etc who use the same model phone. Which, assuming this is for deploying phones across multiple customers, is useless.

Please add key programming capabilities at the group template level.


2nd this


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! Since MPKs configuration for each device model are different, so that we cannot put the MPKs settings in group template. In “By group” module, it only includes the common parameters for all device models.

If you are using same model phones in GDMS platform, you can use “By model” module to configure these same models.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Thank you!


We respectfully submit that that is a “nonsense” answer. You simply make a lookup table in your back end code that translates front-end elements into P-codes to be sent to the phones. Otherwise, you’re saying that if we deploy 20 GXP2140s to customer X and 20 GXP2140s to customer Y, and all of X has one VMPK configuration, and customer Y has two different VMPK configurations, that we have to program all 40 phones individually. That is a logistical nightmare.

So, too, is the nightmare of one customer who has more than one kind of phone. You can’t program all GXP2160s to have that customer’s configuration, nor can you do the same for all 2140s or all whatever else.

No, the best solution is to have VMPK configurations at the group template level and spend some time programming it to make it work. You make us do it all the time when you release firmware updates and have P codes that do the same thing on different phones but are literally thousands of numbers apart from each other. Your programmers can do the same.


So we FINALLY figured out how to create a new Organization. And we see that we can create devices that are common to organizations without having to step on each other’s organizations as far as programming goes. That HELPs, but it does not solve the problem.

We still believe that it is best if there are programmable button capabilities at the group template level.

Thank you.


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions! Since “By Group” module only includes the common settings for all models, and the MPKs settings are different for different models, if the user has many devices and wants to provision MPKs settings, we recommend users to use “By Model” module.

For example, if the user wants to provision 20 GXP2160 to user X, and 20 GXP2160 to user Y with different MPKs settings, users can use “By model” module to create 2 different template such as “GXP2160A” and “GXP2160B”, then assign the 2 different templates for 2 different sites “A” and “B”. Then, the administrator can assign 20 GXP2160 to site A and 20 GXP2160 to site B. Then, the administrator can assign 2 different templates to each site to provision the MPKs. This solution can resolve this issue.

Let me know if you have any concern about this solution. Thanks for your feedback and suggestions again!

Thank you!


Hahaha! Okay, yes, we get it now. The “by model” can have multiple templates with different names. Not just a GXP2160 and a GXP2140, but a GXP2160-A and GXP2160-B and GXP2140-Cust1 and GXP2140-Cust2. Okay, yes That solves the problem and explains it, but that needs to be made more clear. We’re not the only ones that thought you could only make a model-specific template (not customer & model specific template).


I tried that and it works . 1 little problem is that on each customer, the phones have a minor change because I dont give a vmpk to the extension itself . So I thought I could just manually change that one field in each device. But that doesnt seem to work because the template seems to override it . So either I just copy the template and make the change and then save a new template for that particular extension ,or have to deal with zero config for each phone ,which I dont want to do as I like the Gdms much better .


Dear user,

Thank you for your suggestion! We will consider your suggestion in GDMS future release. I will pass this suggestion to our GDMS developers for evaluation. Thanks again for your testing!

Thank you!


Dear user,

Thank you for your feedback! Could you describe this test case in details? If your device has already associated with GDMS platform, GDMS platform will not override the existing configuration unless the user clicks to push the template to the specific device. May I ask the test steps that how to reproduce this issue? Thanks for your testing!

Thank you!