Is there no way to create a VLAN?


yes having Vlan protocol will be bonus





We will evaluate the possibility of this feature.



Let me phrase it a different way. Not having VLAN & QoS (which most other desk phones and even older wifi cordless phones seem to have) will limit choice. Even clients who do not benefit from VLAN and QoS get hung up on thinking they need the feature - or trying to future proof their choice to ensure if they want to add a VLAN that they can. Many network switches and WiFi even come with these features enabled by default (the “voice vlan”).


Ok, I may get things thrown at me on this, but wanted to mention it…

On the networks that we setup, on ENTERPRISE WIFI networks, we normally attach a separate SSID to each VLAN.

If this is the case, then VOICE VLAN 200 would be SSID “phone” and the WP800 would attach to the “phone” SSID. Its not like a normal desktop SIP device (GXP21XX) where there is a pass-through port and the tagged and untagged VLANS are combined on the switch port.

Just my “take”, now I will duck for cover.


Given the variety f ways networks are, and will be, built it is advisable to give users flexibility with respect to VLANs and QOS. It may be safe to say that as networks become more complex and traffic heavy there may be more demand for these facilities as the goes on.


@altatarus vlan tagging SSID’s is my preferred method too - but putting my “Grandstream hat” on, I wouldn’t want to lose out to a competing product because I can’t set a vlan id


I understand, I was just wanting to make sure I wasn’t missing something…


As I said earlier VLANs are necessary optional field. you have QoS that’s half the battle :slight_smile:


Any update on this please?

thanks leon


Agree with the sentiment on this.



We haven’t got an update on this yet. We’ll keep you posted.



“Necessary optional.” I like that! :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Based on our research so far it seems there’s no standard that describes the support of VLAN via WiFi. We think this is achieved by having the AP tag the WiFi traffic before forwarding it via ethernet to main switch. The main switches can set port based vlan. If anyone have other suggestions please let us know.



Don’t the GN76xx devices set VLANs by choosing different SSIDs?


I’d set the VLAN on the ethernet side; thats what is needed that way the traffic is VLANed going into the wired network



Agree with that


totally agreed