No Video on Phone when connected to the GDMS


Video Calls work fine on all my phone my UCM6308 but when I connect same phone via the remote connect and use the proper GDMS link I lose video. Support says this works on their phones but cannot seem to call me and show me what I am doing wrong. I followed the guides. Anyone else have this? GXV3350 is the phone I am working on. I am extremely unhappy with their support but the techs are great guys. i cannot seem to get anything of my complex issues resolved.


Dear user,

Thank you for using GDMS platform! We tested this issue and this issue may be caused by your configuration in the GXV3350. Could you kindly help to run “One-Click Debugging” function in the GXV3350 Web UI and reproduce this issue, and then send the logs to us for troubleshooting? Please also download the GXV3350 local configuration file from the device Web UI and send to us for troubleshooting, and we will help you to resolve this issue asap. Thanks a lot for your testing!

Thank you!