No sound with a direct IP call, different network


Hi all,
Perhaps I’m missing something. I’m trying to call from/to a GXP1625 to/from a GXP1628, both with the new (beta) firmware but the problem was the same with the previous public release. Both phones are in a different network, with of course a port forward in my router. When I make a direct IP call (P1-phone 1), from the phone menu, the phone in the other side (P2-phone 2) is ringing but there is no sound when I pick up the phone. On P1, there is just no tone, even the normal tone when it supposed to ring in the other side. Just a silence.
The forward, the port and the IP address:port are ok, just because it’s ringing normally.


Sip use 2 ports.
1 for communication and 1 for voice (RDP). By default rdp is on 5004.


Using STUN?


With direct IP ? :smiley: