No sound on outbound calls only


I am attempting to use Grandstream Wave for Android with FreePBX - I figured out getting it to register a SIP connection, and can call and receive calls from internal extensions on our PBX, and can receive calls from outside…

But when i make a call to an outside phone number, it connects but there’s no sound.

Any ideas? I’m a relatively new PBX admin, this isn’t my primary area but I work at a small company where the sysadmins have to wear many hats.


I think it was a network issue. My phone was connected via VPN for testing as we don’t normally put personal devices on the corporate network - once I put it on the network, everything worked.


make a track with Wireshark and see where the problem is


Thanks, but now that I know it’s a VPN issue, I"m not going to mess with it since that won’t be our actual usage scenario when we start giving this to users.