No SIP Registration



After a lightning strike took out the ethernet port on my base station I replaced it with another. At first it was reluctant to register with my FreePBX system but if I waited, within a few minutes it would register. Now it just doesn’t. I managed to capture the syslog and set INFO which should capture SIP status stuff? Basically there isn’t anything that I believe resembles a SIP registration indeed there is hardly any output at all. Firmware is The Profile is activated and the Handset works if rung. I can log into the SIP extension using Bria on my iPhone so the FreePBX end is working. Is there some new parameter that is vital to this working that wasn’t necessary before?


Might as well fix my own problem an record the answer!

It seems what is required is a change to the registration timeouts. 60 minutes probably means you have to wait at least that long for registration. Changing it to 6 minutes and introducing a 10 second before expiry has now allowed all handsets to register! Explains previous behaviour too!