No Music on hold playing at all when putting a caller on hold


Hi Guys,
I have a UCM6510 IP Pabx installed on a site. When an incoming caller has been put on hold. The music is not playing. It is just silent and the client thinks the call has been cut off.
Sitting on Firmware
I have checked and under extension settings it is sitting on Default and under MOH it is sitting on Default.
Anyone had this before?


Have you checked the MOH settings to ensure that you have at least on Sound File enabled?


Thank you for your answer. Yes they are all enabled


I would suggest the next step would be to upgrade the firmware on the phone. I don’t recall this being a firmware issue,. but it would seem the next logical step to me.

Also, you may wish to Factory Reset the phone to clear any setting problems.



Inbound route Seamless transfer maybe ?


Is it possible all 25 phones? Swb is on its latest firmware. Same issue


That is currently disabled at the moment. The seamless transfer.


You can hear MOH internal calls?


Yes we can. Just incoming and outgoing.


OK, a couple of questions:

The firmware version you have running is around a year old, which seems to imply that the system has been installed for some time and this issue is new?

What type of trunk is in use?


Hi there. It has only been installed. I didn’t upgrade the firmware as we have a Dect snom M700 solution connected and working well. We have a liquid Sip Trunk connected to it.


Catch packets. Then Check if trace to Sip trunk have melody, if yes then go to provider.


If it were me, I would upgrade the device to the 18.13 release. While I do not think that will fix this issue, it will patch some other bugs and security flaws. You might also take a look at PBX settings, Misc and at the bottom Forward Hold Request and toggle the setting to the opposite of what it is set to currently and try.

There are two types of hold requests and some providers use one, others the other and some perhaps both. If neither works, then a capture is in order while trying both and then we can see if MOH is present or not.


It is Firmware…
Until 0.15 it worked 0.16 had this bug and later FW it works again. I had a ticket for this and it was resolved once.
Regards Michael


THank you so much Michael. I will upgrade and then test it. Much appreciated everyone for your suggestions…… Great Group.


Be sure to read the release notes before upgrading.
It´s always a good thing to do a backup to PC before upgrading.
Also upgrad in steps as it is shown in the release notes.
It´s also better for security to keep your PBX up to date…


I with also check memory usage especially if you have custom promts or MOH.