No intern calls from GXP2130


Hello everybody !

I use a Grandstream GXP2130 on the Fritzbox 7490. Everything works great, internal calls are possible. Now additionally connected a Grandstream GXP1625, but can not do any internal of the GXP1625. Interestingly, however, I can call it from the GXP2130. Both are IP Phones and have 2 profiles. Do you have a solution?

The error message “no match phone number” appears

LG, Steffen.


What are the numbers on each?


For the intern calls ?
Grandstream GXP2130: **620 and **621
Grandstream GXP1625: **622 and **623


Look at the dial plans in the phones and see if they allow “**”.

You may need to add an entry of **x+


I have change the settings to: { x+ | +x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }
no result …


Sorry, but I do not see where you added what I asked -



Yes, great …
{ x+ | +x+ | *x+ | xxx+ | **x+ }


Did that work?


yes !


OK, great.