No incoming call rollover


I have a UCM6204 PBX, (3) GXP2170’s, (5) GXP750’s, and (4) cell phones registered to use my PBX. My issue is that when an incoming call comes in on Line1, 2, or 3, I’m getting no rollover ring for the next incoming call. I have 3 analogue lines through Comcast and they are set to rollover to the next line on their end. Once an incoming call is answered, I get no ring through on my end for the next call even though it is ringing on the caller side. Please help? What is the adjustment needed to make the next incoming call ring?

How to adjust incoming ring time

Do you have an inbound route for each of the analogue lines
you need an inbound rule for each physical line plugged into the fxo port I am assuming you have already set up the analogue lines but not the inbound rules for each line.