No image in camera detection monitoring


Hello everybody,
I am desperately trying to set the camera detection monitoring. So far, I do not see the camera image in any Browser (current Firefox, Chrom or IE). It is always asked for a plugin. This I install then, but still brings no camera live image in the programwindows. What am I doing wrong. :thinking:

Thank you for tips



It will work with IE and OLD browser.
Use IE download plugin. Close BROWSER and install plugin. Then start IE.


Someone here suggested a browser called SeaMonkey a while ago. I just use that to work with the cameras. Works 100% so far.


Anyway is really strange… I tried Firefox chrome chromium edge and none work…
There should be some settings to make them work… Not so good just to have to install another browser only for this very purpose…


What is the firmware of your GDS3710? The latest firmware should be able to allow you to view video without plugin installed.

Trying Firefox 49 or before version, as now both Chrome and Firefox dropped plugin support in their latest version.

Or you can use VLC player to see the RTP stream directly. Hope this helps.


Thank you for your message.
Unfortunately, it is not possible to watch even with current Firefox. The Firmware is new version.
The program window (in the area detection monitoring) always shows the missing plugin.
The “Live-Movie” from the GDS3710 is not visible.

Best regards