"no dial plan rules matched" on BLF pickup


Have a 2 extension ring group with a 2170 ( and a 1630 (
Since upgrading both endpoints and the UCM6102 ( BLF pickup no longer works and they get a “no dial plan rules matched” error.

Any idea what causes this?
Thanks in advance…


There’s already a trail for this.


There are a couple of questions:

Please described the issue of the BLF. It is not clear if you are trying to pickup a call when a ring group call is coming in or if trying to pickup a call when it is not a ring group call, but merely a call to an extension.

Additionally. there was a change in the phone firmware, look for force blf pickup and enable that setting.


External call comes into the ring group - the first extension rings but the person sitting at the 2nd extension tries to pickup the call and gets the error.


Ring group are system calls. The BLF will not work except when the call is directly to the extension itself and not as a part of a group. Instead set up the BLF key to monitor the ring group extension rather than the other user. You can also do both the extension and the ring group so that you can pick up call from the ring group or calls directed to the extension.


In case someone comes across this like I did looking for this error. I had this with a GXP1780 would not pickup a call off a ring group extension. I set Bypass dial plan for MPK and Force BLF Call Pickup enabled.