No Dial plan Rules BLF button



I have an issue where I am getting an error that states “No Dial Plan rules”.

I am monitoring an extension using BLF. Inbound calls forward to the extension being monitored.

When I call in, the phone rings and the monitored extension flashes, but I am unable to pick up the call.

I get a busy tone and the “No Dial Plan rules” error.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you



What is the phone make and model, as this is where the dial plans are located?




in the phone template settings you have to associate the correct pickup code and force it


There are a couple of possibilities, but they may be dependent on the firmware of the phone and UCM. Additionally, how was the phone programmed for the BLF keys, manually or via zero-config?

  1. The dial plan probably looks something like “{ x+ | *x+ | xxx+ }”. Try modifying the plan to look like “{ x+ | *x+ | **x+ | xxx+ }”. If the phone was done manually, copy and paste this into the web gui dial plan setting in the phone. If the phone was programmed via zero-config, copy and paste into the template for the phone and reprovision. Let is know if that works and if not, we go from there.


Thank you very much lpneblett. I replaced the phones for ones that allowed 6 accounts to resolve the main issue I had, which was that I needed at least the ability to have at least 5 accounts on the phone.

Thanks again.