No audio to door when door initiates call


GDS3710 beta
Call to 3710 and we have 2 way audio.
Call from 3710 and only have audio to receiving end, no audio from phone to 3710.
Worked before we upgraded to
Have other units on and it works as expected (2 way audio either way).
Have done factory reset with no success.
Have tried to downgrade to with no success (does not accept last version of FW).


Hmm, I seem to have the same issue on at least one other unit with the newer firmware. I have more checking to go. If there’s a setting I’m missing, suggestions appreciated.


We are having the same issue, when I pull a pcket capture the UCM is actually sending RTP packets to the wrong IP address. This worked fine on 1.0.3.xx


Have been working with support, but no resolution from them at this point.

In failure mode ours is jumping to a different RTP port (going through PBX and believe the PBX is changing the port, not sure why).

Here’s two work arounds:

  1. Use an IP address:port# to make the call. This works on my testing. In our situation we are using a ring group, so it will not work around the problem for us.
  2. Set an ip address in the debug log server field and set the debug log level to “debug” on the GDS. This fixes it for us. Stumbled upon this when troubleshooting to get a packet capture.

Have you been able to revert to an older firmware?


We are having the same issue, Everything starts with the update even if I used the provided update tool from Grandstream.
Like you said Valleyj, IP Call working fine.With the last update I guess you can put more than one IP but that is not optimal solution.
As far as I know there is no downgrade from to 1.0.3.X. (Firmware Release note)


We found the IP call does work, but, like you, we are using ring groups…

The debug does not seem to make any difference in ours…