{Next Generation/New Product} - Two way video


I realize this isn’t something that’s likely to be added at this late stage but I had a use case that required two way video from a device like this on a wall (acting in a kiosk mode) to a device on another floor that allows or disallows access via door control. I could see two of these devices acting together working very well for that use case. I’d think that the “customer facing” device might need some sort of armored casing though to prevent damage.


Are you talking about a competitor like the 2N door phone and Wall Monitor / SIP Phone ?


Was thinking more the Algo 8036


If Grandstream were to add a camera to this device like the GXV devices and it could easily fulfill that capability. The “armor” would have to be separate. No one wants armor unless they need it, so a separate, armored mounting box would be preferred over providing armor for every device.


I agree, just some sort of optional mounting bracket that could make it, if not weatherproof, at least vandal resistant.


I was surprised that the device doesn’t have a camera.

My initial thoughts for a use case was basically a fancier indoor GDS, but not having the camera would be an issue.


Us as well. In fact, (though we’re nowhere near done with our testing) the device seems rather lacking in functionality as a whole.


Another argument that Grandstream needs to consult with some/all Grandstream Insiders (we have signed NDAs after all) much earlier in the product life cycle to avoid many such omissions.

Just my 2 cents.


I agree but to some point I also understand. Wouldn’t we always want EVERYTHING? I mean I didn’t mention my wishes for zwave and zigbee control or the ability to add custom buttons that trigger custom REST calls :wink:


If this were a smart-home hub video voip conference alarm doorbell phone, that would be awesome! :slight_smile:


I don’t expect them to accept everything. My point is that they should solicit feedback/input on the feature set before they go into production. We who are directly in the field in front of customers can bring a different perspective to the table than others who get their informaion and perspective 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc. hand.

Case in point is the low cost audio output jack on the recently released speakers. The lack of this sub $1 add-on means that I and fair number of other resellers cannot use this product in sites that already have a speaker system in place and we must use another product (e.g. Algo or SNOM) to interconnect new UCM deployments with the existing speaker systems.



You make very good points sir.


Don’t need everything, obviously, but wow - if this had been an “everything” type device, we would not be able to stop them from flying into customer’s hands! As is, it’s mostly a wall-mounted speaker phone with a voice-only doorphone connector.


Just to jump in real quick, this was definitely something that was pretty fiercely debated about with the GSC3570.

-NDA Content Below-


The conclusion was to create one device, that you have now, with base-line features. If we see fair enough reception, we want to come out with a “smart” version that will have two-way video capability and serve as an “everything” device, as you said @SmartVox.

For the insiders that were here when we had the first insider exclusive webinar, this was even a question I posed to you all as well, which helped us make the decision to stay open to a “smart” version of the GSC3570 in the first place.


Great to hear. I think the “smart” version would be a great plan. Hope to have a little input on the features as well!


I thought I was on that call but don’t remember that question. Maybe it was a different call that I could not make.

NDA Response

I’m glad to hear that it’s being considered, but I think you run the risk of overextension in the market. Your current device may be good enough for some, not good enough for others (who want the extra features). So they wait for a better product and may go elsewhere. On the other hand, they may purchase the “lesser” model now because it’s “good enough” and then not buy the new model when it comes out because they already have sunk cost into the existing device(s). In the end, you risk cannibalizing sales of both older and newer devices. Might have been better to come out with the superior model first, then offer the “lite” version to those who didn’t want to spend the money or need the features.

Obviously, the decision was made, but we can likely have a much easier time selling the better model now than saying “this will be really cool when it comes out, just wait a bit longer.”


I think in next gen (may be android based) a small built-in camera would be appreciated.
The actual one could support external RTSP camera with a firmware update or may be the microUSB to connect an external camera (to tell the truth I don’t know if the built in usb port can support OTG, or if it is only a “slave” port)


Assuming we’re talking about a firmware update to support USB master mode, that shouldn’t be a problem. In fact, that would be a great idea. Our testers (who are still testing, by the way) keep thinking they’re using Android though, since they’re used to the GXV phones now. :slight_smile: