Next fw update?


I wonder if anyone knows when the next fw update will come? And what will be added featurewise?


I would like to know the same thing. At the moment we cant use the GWN7000 since we have already upgraded our GWN7600/7610 APS to 1.0.5.X


Same boat here. Needs feature set added to control SIP, RTSP, H323 ALGs.


Same here, not for production use because MTU size is fixed 1500
We have to change with providers value…

Regards Mike


It has been over a month since the question was first posted, any response on this? GRANDSTREAM has always been much more prompt on updates than they have been on the GWN7000


Hi, all,

We are still working actively on optimizing and adding new features to our GWN7000 firmware.
Since (FP3) has been published for a while. We are now looking at bundling our next 2 feature packs with bug fixes all together to come out a big new firmware (which means the version could probably be 1.0.6.x). So there still need some more time to polish the firmware. Thanks all for your patient.


Thanks for the update.


@GS_Tian, can you give us some hope for a new firmware for the GWN7000?

You updated us over a month ago about a double firmware upgrade in one, but we’ve heard and seen nothing since.

I have several Trouble Tickets open on this product and each one is on hold pending this upgrade and am anxiously awaiting it, or at least some time frame…


Yes, Yes. Sorry for that long waiting, drostoker.
Besides those router features planned in FP4 and 5 as I mentioned, some GWN AP FP4&5 new features are also need to be squeezed in to be compatible with new AP firmwares we released recently. I don’t have a exact date, but so far I’m confident for a summer time releasing. Myself is actually participating in this, so I can tell the 1.0.6.x fw is real, though it is still under testing.


Any new info when new fw will be released :slight_smile:
Will it be in july or august?


We are approaching summer’s end, any news on that firmware update?

I am waiting for it to see if the router can live up to my expectations.


If only one of the open source router people licensed their open source package for other router companies to just make their own gui for. I feel like pfsense could make a lot more money licensing the software at $5 per rebranded commercial device then selling just a few physical devices and we wouldn’t have 3000 companies reinventing the wheel. I guess asterisk is really unique like that…


@GS_Tian, is there any news or expected date for a new firmware?


Hi, drostoker,

Probably a couple of weeks from now.


Will this release fix the SIP Error call failure 488 a lot of us are getting on External, Internal calls ?


It did not start until I installed the last stable release.


I think you may be mistaking a phone firmware release as this is for the router.


It’s already January the 15th, 2019 and firmware 1.0.6.x is still in beta. What’s happening Grandstream? As a solution provider, our company switched from suggesting UniFi to suggesting Grandstream to our customers, mainly because a much better support from the company. Every time we ask for updated firmware for the GWN7000 (on forums or webinars) we are told update is on the way and to be patient; but months and months pass by and nothing. Is work on firmware for your GWN7000 routers really happening? Will we have firmware updates past the 1.0.6.x series?


Hi, all.

We are fixing some issues found on And will release a new version soon. Rough estimate is 2 weeks.